Site Updates:
09-02-2011 Long time no updates... simply no time!

Several changes throughout the site, but nothing really big.  Added V2.0 (Beta1) of the D-STAR Linking document (from D-Star Vlaanderen) and updated some of the info files.

Added new versions of the DPMon (now included DExtra tools as well!) and the DVAP software packages to the Software section. Have fun!

13-07-2010 More cleanups,  and added the G2 Network (callsign check/registration) pages to the main system. Registration is still under construction, and only available to registered users.
10-07-2010 The new "machined" (round) pin strips have finally arrived, and they were worth the wait!  We added them to the already-waiting "chip kits" and can now send out even more orders!
28-06-2010 Added some new software to the Software Download section.
Updated the status of various buying orders.
22-06-2010 Updated status of several shop items. Cleaned up main page. Added more into do the DPNS page regarding Inbound connections.
16-06-2010 Fixed some more style errors, which came out after cleaning up the CSS. Also fixed the basic design of the G2 Services pages.
15-06-2010 Added the G2 Services pages (/g2) which provide some D-STAR G2 Network functions such as callsign lookups, registrations and so forth. Also, fixed some Stylesheet errors.
11-06-2010 Added info page for DPNS, at the request of many.
02-06-2010 Updated DVAR Hotspot to version 2.57, fixing a bug in the DPNS module.
31-05-2010 Released the DVAR Hotspot V2.56 software, which now includes the DUTCH*Star DPNS module.
20-05-2010 Updated the status of pending orders, and updated the manual of the Node Adapter to version 1.10.
12-05-2010 Updated the Webshop to deal with items that are out of stock, these can no longer be selected. Also (slightly) improved the user interface when selecting items.

Also, archived copies of Scott KI4LKF's DSTAR Point (R2G2) software have been added to the downloads, see the Software page!

10-05-2010 Several small changes throughout the site.
01-05-2010 WELCOME BACK !

Moved the site to a new server, co-located on a very fast line. We also had to change our domainname to, pending resolving of our argument with the previous provider.
19-02-2010 Finished the licensing system, users can now activate the license keys they have received through e-mail, on paper or through whatever means.

Also, new manual released (V1.10) for the Mini-HotSpot.
18-02-2010 Added the automatic downloading of firmware for your HSA license.
Also, cleaned up some old files and fixed several other small things.
17-02-2010 Busy with sending out order for the HSA Firmware. This is a half-manual, half-automated process until we have added this functionality to the My DUTCH*Star code, which would hopefully be end of this month.
10-02-2010 Moved the CHIPS Story to a new page.
Added the HSA Firmware product, which can now be ordered!
03-02-2010 It looks like DHL is busy transporting our new chips to us.. expected delivery date is 05-FEB-2010 !
01-02-2010 Added the "Orders" section in My Account to show the status of your orders. Removed the "Status" menu option now. Cleaned up pages and added some descriptions of what certain pages are for.
28-01-2010 More site internal changes (we're rewriting the entire Web Shop part of the system so you can track the status of your orders.)
Also, added message regarding the CMX589 chips also being available from another site in Holland, for those interested.

Although we do have proof for this (we sent them payment with a wire transfer, and both our bank AND their bank confirms the money arrived) the supplier maintains that they did not.  They have now been kicked off the trading site ( and the only thing we can do now is open a case with the Hong Kong police.  We want either the chip as ordered (and paid for), or the money back!

See reports at ISafeTrade and HKinventory.

Although this means we (for now) lost a LOT of money on this, we will try to get another supplier and order about 100 chips so we can send out orders.

If anyone can help us with this case, please contact us!

26-01-2010 More cleanups and (slight) changes to the internals of the website. Active websites are nice, but they do take a lot of programming to get things working the way we want them to work..
23-01-2010 Round three of the massive site updates. Most of the parts have been changed a lot (internally) and some may even look completely different now.
18-01-2010 Added more code to the site; several problems with the "accounts" system have been found and fixed, and we added the very first attempt at our very own "My DUTCH*STar" personal page.. log in and check it out!
17-01-2010 Added the first part of the "accounts" code to the site, which allows people to create personal accounts so they can access the new features of the site. New features include downloading firmware updates and being notified about updates being available.
06-01-2010 Start of major site update, added news about the chips deal, added Software section for drivers, tools and firmware.
31-10-2009 We will be attending the "Dag van de RadioAmateur" show in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands on the 31st of October 2009.  You can read our informational flyer here (PDF), or come visit us for a chat !  Read about our special offers (auf Deutsch) at the show!
25-10-2009 Added information regarding the "Dag van de RadioAmateur 2009" show on October 31st in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.
21-10-2009 Several updates regarding order status, status of the new chips, and so on.  Updated some of the manuals.
01-09-2009 Updated the pricing as announced. Also, added the Mini-HotSpot with Digital COS info- see the product page for more info.
31-08-2009 Added the manual and support files for the Node Adapter- check out the product page.
28-08-2009 CML has raised the price of their CMX589AP4 chip by USD$5.00, so we had to change our prices, too.  Updated the Order Page with new prices for some items. Also added DISCOUNTS for most items when many are ordered.
26-08-2009 Updated the Construction & Reference Manual for the Mini-HotSpot; see the product page here. Also added the Node Adapter Tools to that page, and updated the product page text.
16-08-2009 The Construction & Reference Manual for the Mini-HotSpot is now available; see the product page here. A similar manual for the Node Adapter will follow shortly.
13-08-2009 The Big Box Of PCB's has arrived, and they look great!
We'll now be very busy sending out orders that were waiting on these..
10-08-2009 The first test PCB's have arrived, and work fine!  The big box with PCB's is on its way, and scheduled to arrive on the 13th, after which it will be busy times here at DUTCH*Star HQ with sending out orders!

The 'support' pages for the Node Adapter have been updated; all the utility programs, the LibUSB and such distributions can now be downloaded from there.

03-08-2009 We have ordered 100 extra PCB's (50 Node Adapters and 50 Mini-HotSpot's) from another PCB house, as they are not closed for the summer.. hopefully, this will speed up the delivery of all the PCB and Kit orders !!
20-07-2009 The first new batch of PIC chips arrived!
18-07-2009 General layout updates, preparing for user accounts.
12-07-2009 Weekly update; also introduced the coming of the PCB KITS.
09-07-2009 Updated the DV-1 product; its design is almost completed. Once this module is finished, the DM-1 and DV-1 modules will be sent off for production.
01-07-2009 Update the Node Adapter and Products section: the DUTCH*Star Node Adapter and Mini HotSpot PCB's are now available!
30-06-2009 Several small changes to the site to fix errors.
24-06-2009 More layout changes, we added the FC-301/D radio as an orderable product, and the Order Page (Web Shop) now sends confirmations with a temporary invoice you you know the amount to pay!
23-06-2009 Added the FC-301/D Mini Radio product, updated the Shop page (now you can add a comment to the order.)  We DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH orders (23) for the Node Adapter Clone boards !
21-06-2009 A new website, based on CSS. We'll try hard to get the bugs (and browser-dependent weirdnesses) out as soon as possible, so please be patient! The ordering system still needs many improvements, but at least it works now.
19-06-2009 The AMBE chips have arrived (finally !) and all pending orders will be packaged and shipped over the next few days.
19-06-2009 Satoshi Yasuda JK1ZRW has officially announced that he has aborted his Node Adapter project, and he has closed his supporting website at  See our DV-Node Adapter page for more info.
16-09-2009 New version of the DV Node Adapter clone board uploaded, see the DV-Node Adapter page for more info.
14-06-2009 Check out the DV Node Adapter page, we have a new Satoshi-compatible board for you to see and download !
10-06-2009 Added section on DV Node Adapter and making one yourself.
10-06-2009 We had some problems with the webserver not being able to send mail as a result of internal network re-work activities, most of which is finished now. The website works again... sorry all!
04-06-2009 BETA TEST PROGRAM started, click here for more info!
02-06-2009 The DM-1 now also has COS (although it does not require it) !
01-06-2009 We have participated in the regional D-STAR net, using the DM-1 !
28-05-2009 The first series of QSO's have been done with the DM-1 in action!
25-05-2009 Completely re-worked website, part 1
25-10-2008 Informational flyer about DUTCH*Star (Dutch, but useful)
21-10-2008 Announcing the demo at the AMRATO, 25-10-2008 (Dutch)
03-10-2008 Announcing the DUTCH*Star Project (Dutch)
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