ConDV - the Console-Mode Hotspot Application

Based on experiences with one of our old programs (who can still remember the old 'dvap' program?) and the general success of our WinDV software, it was decided that the best way to re-write the WinDV software for the next generation(s) of Windows would be to go back and go from there.  Once the new framework was done, it would be relatively easy to add a new GUI to it, for example one using the Qt application system.

During the early weeks it also became apparent that we had to provide 'something' to users of the new platforms based on SoC designs, for example, the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black. Those are very small and useful computer boards running a version of Linux, and they are powerful enough to be able to "drive" a hotspot. So, back to the drawing board, and it was decided that the entire WinDV migration process should also include development of software that could be used on those (Linux) platforms.

And so.... as informally announced during a (short, unprepared-for but still fun to do) talk during the D-STAR meeting at the Dayton Hamvention, ConDV was released.  It is a command-line (well, let's call it 'console-mode') based application that implements a complete hotspot, featuring:

Features like voice-prompt (audio files) support, DTMF control etc are in test, and will be part of the second release of the program.

The program comes in the following packages:

- installable Debian (.deb) package for RaspberryPi and BeagleBone
- installable RedHat (.rpm) package for CentOS Linux and others
- Installer package for Windows versions
- installer package (.apk) for Android systems

The Android version DOES require root privileges. This will be fixed in a future release, but until then, the program will not actually talk to a device. It can, however, connect to reflectors and show you what is going on there.



Installing the software should be easy.

The Linux versions of the software are by default installed in the /dstar folder on the system, to keep it separated from the main system files.  After installation, you can move this folder (and its subfolders) elsewhere on your system, if needed.

See the documentation in the DOC subfolder on how to configure and run the software.


Current version is:  2.0.0-139    UPDATED 2014/06/10

You can find this software in our Software Downloads page.


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