DT-1 Standalone Terminal

Aimed at users who wish to use D-STAR with their transceiver without (also) having to connect a computer to it for operation, the DT-1 Standalone Terminal is the next-up in features, complexity and cost.

The Standalone Terminal is designed for use as a standalone messaging monitor, and contains a variant of the DM-1 Smart Modem technology, combined with its own local high-performance CPU, graphical LCD and keypad, thus eliminating the need for a PC in several applications.

It can deal with various uses of the D-STAR system, such as a repeater monitor, a short-message device, but also as a data gateway into the D-STAR network. For easy messaging functionality, a PS/2-style keyboard connection is available.

The prototype unit clearly shows the three boards that make up the system. From bottom to top, we have:

This early prototype worked well, but since has undergone major redesigns, as the boards were based on an in-house standard size and layout (standardized board modules, which allows for easy testing and interconnecting of modules), and a new, more practical design had to be done.

A more recent prototype is shown below. It was also used as the control board for another (completely un-related but still interesting) project, a controller for a Bosch KF163 mobile transceiver.

This version is already shaped for embedding in a nice enclosure, and it shows the final keypad layout- which incidentally is also very similar to the one designed for the DS-1 transceiver. No, that is not a coincidence.

Most of the components are on the other side of the PCB. The small board next to it handles the power supply, on/off switching logic and power source selection, as well as a NiMH battery charger circuit and a USB interface.  In the final design of the DT-1, this "power board" will be combined with the "modem board" to create a single second board to connect to the display board, as the design requires the system to not be too big for portable use.

Several design issues still exist, most of a mechanical kind, and so it was decided to first finish the DM-1 design, so that could be integrated into the DT-1 as a whole.


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