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08-05-2010 We're busy (and happy!) soldering the SMD chips onto the carrier boards now, so we can ship out all pending orders that were waiting for these!!!
07-05-2010 The carrier PCB's arrived today, and the first 10 have been processed (read: solder the CMX589AE2 chip onto it, and also the pins) and tested: they work fine! 190 to go.. any volunteers? :)

The chip-carrier PCB's are to be shipped by the PCB house today, and so should expect sometime this week. Once we have their FedEx tracking number, we'll let you know.

Orders with chips are currently waiting for these. We do have the chips, though, that is the most important!


And So..

The second batch of chips (which was ordered from another supplier, as a backup to the first one) also arrived in good order, so we're happy to announce we now have TWO reliable suppliers, at long last!

Now, only the carrier PCB's are to arrive, estimated is Thursday, and then we can ship 'm out to you all!

14-04-2010 It Really Is Over !

Two days sooner than expected, we received the first batch of 100 of the CMX589AE2 chips today. We tested several on a carrier board which we had, and THEY WORK.  So, when the new carrier boards arrive, and the soldering is done, we will be doing a LOT OF PACKAGE SHIPPING to all of you.


(and it was about darn time, too, we agree !)

13-04-2010 The Wait Is (almost) Over !
As posted earlier, we have given up on the AP4 (PDIP) chips, and went ahead with ordering the AE2 (SMD) versions.  We're happy to report that these ARE ON THEIR WAY TO HOLLAND, using DHL.

We have just ordered our new SMD-PDIP carrier (converter) boards, which will take about a week to be made and delivered here by our regular PCB manufacturer. All this should mean that we can start shipping chips (and chip kits, for those who contacted us to let us know they'd assemble the SMD chip onto the carrier themselves) by MID NEXT WEEK (20-APR-2010) !!!


OK, we give up !

We have finally given up on dealing with suppliers from China, and have now set out an order of 100 or 250pcs of the SMD version of this chip, which will be paired with a small carrier board, as is also done by Mark Phillips NI2O.  We expect "chip action" sometime next week- funds are available,


Well... three times is charm, no?

Indeed (click picture for a large version, and spot the differences..).


Although this time we actually DID receive the shipment, it soon turned out that the delivered items were fake (luckily, the DHL person was still present when we opened the package) !

The issue has been reported to the various parties involved (CML, Paypal, the reseller) and fortunately, the reseller was as shocked as we were. They obtained these chips from another seller to satisfy our order (they were out of stock), and they have been, um, sold duds.

NO PANIC: reseller has agreed, in writing, to send new (and REAL) ones right after the festivities- it is now New Year's Holiday in China and Hong Kong. They are very much aware of the fact that this (selling counterfeit products) is a crime in China, and that we have filed a provisionary report, pending the holidays.

We will await their actions after the holidays, and keep you all updated through this page.

03-02-2010 Hurray !

According to DHL Tracking, our new order of chips are actually on their way to us!  Expected arrival time is Friday, Feb 5th !.

Well, it looks like our supplier has decided to screw us with this deal !

The order was paid for by wire transfer (T/T), by our bank in the U.S., but the reseller maintains that they did not receive it.  Our bank confirms that the payment was received by the recipient.

Although we do have proof for this (we sent them payment with a wire transfer, and both our bank AND their bank confirms the money arrived) the supplier maintains that they did not.  They have now been kicked off the trading site ( and the only thing we can do now is open a case with the Hong Kong police.  We want either the chip as ordered (and paid for), or the money back!

See reports at ISafeTrade and HKinventory.

Although this means we (for now) lost a LOT of money on this, we will try to get another supplier and order about 100 chips so we can send out orders.

If anyone can help us with this case, please contact us!



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